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"The problem with this book is that it went right over my head. Actually, that could be a problem with me."
"I felt beaten and bruised, wondering whether my depression had finally gotten the better of me. Have I finally gone to a point where I can’t read?"
"The words are so difficult that I need dictionary to understand most of the words I didn't finish the book though I wish the words were easier to understand for everyone"
"Simpering self-consciousness and self-satisfied intellectualism."
"I'm not sure I devoted the correct mental energy to such a metaphorical story, though."

"This book has some sort of meaning that is beyond me."
"This was OKAY but kind of mehh in my opinion."
"This was really weird. I don't think I'm 'deep' enough to 'get it.'"
"That was... huh. Disorienting?"
"This anime looking jibjab won't fly on my shelf."
"A little too deep."
"An avant-garde shitshow."
"Purposefully frustrating."
"Deliberately disorienting."
"Very strange."

"It’s entirely possible that I’m just not getting this. But, as far as I can tell, I’m not missing much. Not recommended."
"Was it easy to read: Medium. Some sentences are rather complex and takes some thinking."
"I have absolutely no idea what is really happening here, what is going on or what it means but the story, combined with the art, made me feel very glad the woman made the choice she did in the end. Strange!"
"After a half dozen pages I gave up on trying to follow the unintelligible text. However, the illustrations are wonderful, though they do not help to tell the story, whatever that may be about."
"The pages themselves smell musty and are overpowering. I'm not overly sensitive to smells, but something about the inside of this book actually stinks. The cover and cover art, however, are beautiful and not at all smelly."

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